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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Annie Rivieccio

Annie Rivieccio is one of bodybuilding's top competitors over the past 10 years. During this period she has reached a level of dense muscularity achieved by few. Each bodypart is incredibly developed, including huge arms, back, thighs, and world-class calves. She's one of most muscular physique models ever! Annie has reached a level of dense mucularity achieved by few.

Annie is one of the best bodybuilders of all time, and certainly the best top amateur woman who has not been able to turn pro yet. Annie needs no further introduction as she is one of the most popular and respected women in the sport, an incredible physique and a great personable woman.

Annie was in awesome shape at the Nationals late in '96. Every body part is packed with a high degree of muscle size, shape and definition; but what really sets her apart is her amazing lower body development.

Annie possesses perhaps the most muscular thighs and calves ever. At 5' 4" Annie's 170 lbs. is about as much muscle per inch of height ever! Her posing, even in the "off season" condition exposes an incredibly lush physique that is very complete in every body part.


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