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Sunday, June 19, 2011

elena Oana Hreapca

elena Oana Hreapca is a great female bodybuilder,with 10 packs of thick abs ,huge neck,and big biceps.

she was born in Romania in 1982, and she is the youngest one among her brothers and sisters. When she was 13 years old, she started to practice athletics like throws, javelin, hammer and shot put. she became a champion at the the juniors and had the opportunity to be a competitor at the first Mondial Championship Juniors II in athletics.

After she graduated from High School, she went to University in sports. There she started to practice weightlifting where she did very well as a junior and became a national champion as well. her best lifts when she was doing weightlifting were: Snatch 80 kg, Clean & jerk 105 kg, Total 195 kg.

While she was training for weightlifting, she started to work all her muscle groups to gain more power for the sport. At the same time she also practiced rugby for a year as well. she started to compete in BB competitions, but was not ready for this until she gave up weightlifting and told to herself to work seriously on her bodybuilding. So she started to train seriously for BB at the end of 2003, but was still competing in weightlifting too.

In 2006, after a lot of hard work, she finally won an international trophy, and then the nationals in her country. This makes her work even harder, maybe to one day be in the IFBB or a pro.

she has graduated from two universities, one in sports and the second in kineotherapy, she also have a Masters in sports and work as a trainer at school for weightlifting and bodybuilding.

competition history in Bodybuilding
2001-national champion juniors
2002-2003 –second place national championship
2004-third place nationals seniors
2005-second place seniors place
2006-placed “Trofeul Hercule” - international contest - June
2006 –placed -National Championship-heavy weight+57 kg
-placed –National Championship –overall
-Placed –National Championship –couples
-placed –National Championship –powerlifting-440 kg
-placed –National Championship –Weightlifing
2007 –placed at shot put at Cupa Bistrita,in atletics
-placed at weightlifting Cupa Romaniei-190 Kg

Specialty: Bodybuilder
Height: 171cm
Weight: 80kg
Date of Birth: July 4, 1982
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color: Black
Marital Status: Married
Chest: 110cm
Waist: 70cm
Hips: 95cm
Thighs: 67cm
Calves: 44cm
Biceps: 41.5cm
Resides: Romania


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