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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gina Davis

Gina Davis is a female bodybuilder.
she stared bodybuilding when her parents bought her first weight set when she was in junior high due to her fascination with Cory Everson.

she was in athletics from 6th grade on, and during the conditioning times, she always outlifted the other girls...and some of the guys! she became serious about bodybuilding when she was 22 years old. After nine years of intense training and developing a stageworthy physique, she entered and won overall at her first bodybuilding competition.

OCCUPATION-Personal Trainer/IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

1999 Lackland Classic (novice heavyweight and overall winner)
2000 Texas State Championship (open heavyweight runner up)
2002 John Sherman Classic (open heavyweight winner)
2002 Nationals (heavyweight-13th)
2003 Nationals - 7th Place Heavyweight
2004 Nationals - 1st Place Heavyweight & Overall
2006 Europa Super Show - 7th Place (pro debut)


Unknown said...

Where is Gina Davis these days is she on Face Book or Twitter?

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